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 Congratulations to Carl Fudge and Sturgeon Creek Arabians on receiving Equine Canada's award of excellence for their highly successful breeding of endurance horses utilizing the blood of Pyatigorsk.  See link to full article


Sire Lines

Willomar's breeding knowledge came from both hands on experience as well as researching world wide for special horses.

Sire Lines
Dr. George W. Allen

  published 1985

Why are the horses in this web site grouped as to their sire lines? The sire line is that line of horses at the top of the pedigree: i.e. Pyatigorsk's sire is Pietuszok Dwa; his sire is *Pietuszok, and his Priboj. If you followed the pedigree back far enough you would come to the horse Kuhailan Adjuze, an original import from the desert into Poland. Thus from his name the sire line is identified. In common usage, however, we often identify the sire line by a prepotent sire in the line rather close up in generations to horses in current pedigrees. Hence we use Naseem, who traces back to Ibrahim, the original import to Poland. Some would call the sire line the Ibrahim sire line featuring Naseem while others, in common useage would call it the Naseem sire line.

The genetic potential of the Arabian breed is really quite concentrated in relation to other breeds of livestock, hence it contains some areas of predictability. Such is the case with a number of the sire lines as the Euopean breeders have so eloquently documented. For example, the grey horses of various branches ofthe Naseem sire line produce a very consistent phenotype. If one examines the pictures of the offspring of Negativ (Naseem x Taraszcza) and his son Naber (ex Lagodna), his son Bandos (ex Bandola) and his son Eukalyptus (ex Eunice) or the offspring of Salon (another son of Naseem ex Sonata), his son Moment (ex Malpia) etc., one sees the great similarity in phenotype. The Naseem line has very oriental features, big soft eyes, triangular heads, long swan type necks, very round body parts (often including the withers), long backs and somewhat mutton withers. The horses of this sire line are predominantly of Seglawi type and often exhibit great beauty. It follows, then, that if one wanted to add the above qualities to a breeding program, stallions of the Naseem sire line bear investigation.

The Kuhailan Adjuze sire line, another sire line of great influence, originated in Poland and has carried forward rather dramatically in Russia. Priboj was the main progenitor ofthis line in Tersk. His sons *Pietuszok (ex Taktika), Topol (full brother to *Pietuszok), and Pommeranets (ex Mammona) were major contributors to our breeding today. These horses are of Kuhailan type; they are very structural with a strong feeling of angles to body parts. These are big horses with  long necks, long hips, short backs and prominent withers. They excel as athletes, as do their offspring.

The most common sire line in the genetic pool of the USA presently is Kuhailan Haiti, an original import to Poland. His son, Ofir (ex Dziwa), sired Witraz (ex Makata) who sired *Bask (ex Balalajka). These horses are of Kuhailan type, medium size, and have a good system of  levers in body parts. They are very athletic and have strong, trainable minds for athletic competition. Horses of this sire line also include offspring of Celebes (Witraz x Canaria), such  as *Rezus (Celebes xRezeda) and Algomej (Celebes x Algonkina). Ofir also sired two other sons that contributed to this sire line: Wielki Szlem (ex Elagantka) and Witez II (ex Federacja). Witez II was imported into the USA following World War II. Wielki Szlem sired Czort (ex Forta) in Poland, who sired *El Paso (ex Ellora, a Witezdaughter). *EI Paso is the sire of *Europej czyk (ex Europa), a progenitor of this branch of the Kuhailan Haiti sire line in present day breeding. There are about twelve major sire lines presently in use in Spain and Europe which have an impact in the USA. One of these, the Bairactor sire line, named after an original import into Europe and made famous by Amurath Sahib, Arax, and his son, Nabeg (ex Nomenklatura). This sire line is known for the production of outstanding broodmares and is often found wanting for truly outstanding sires. These horses are predominantly of Seglawi type but can be Kuhailan at times. They are characterized by horses of good size with substantial body mass, medium sized heads with large expressive eyes and soft superb minds. In Russia, Arax has been the major progenitor of recent times of this sire line. His son, Nabeg, has left a number of sons such as Peleng (ex Palmira), Pesniar (ex Pesnia), and Tallin (ex Talantlivaia). Tallin was used in Poland very successfully before being exported to Latin America.


To the  serious breeder, the careful examination of sire lines, their consistency of production and their  blending is of greatest importance. As an example, *Pietuszok was imported into Poland from  Russia to breed the many very beautiful Witraz daughters. These mares were all rather small, beautiful, correct, and athletic. The results of this cross produced many profound athletes of great beauty. Algeria, the premier broodmare of Janow Podlaski is an example of this combination.


Another famous combination was that of the Naseem sire line through Naborr (Negativ x Lagodna) on daughters of the Bairactor sire line stallion, Amurath Sahib. The offspring of this cross included many of the world's most beautiful mares of their time including Dornaba and Estokada.

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